redbush/rooibos decaf herbal tea

redbush/rooibos decaf herbal tea

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Hope not to bore you if we start this tea with some history lesson: many years ago, Dutch settlers to the Cape learned to drink rooibos tea only as an alternative to black tea, which was extremely expensive back then.  In fact, local Southern Africans had enjoyed it for generations, this tea is well known for its refreshing, fruity, and slightly sweet taste. 

Health Benefits

  • Less tannin of black tea

  • Full of antioxidants

  • Good for heart

  • Even pain and mild anxiety

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  • 100% redbush / rooibos

Brewing suggestion

  • Freshly boiled water

  • Brew for 3-5 minutes

  • Or add lemon and honey

  • Enjoy it!