Grew up in China, tea has been the go to drink as far as our memories recall, with every meal, every occasion, every day, and always loose leaf.  We watch those leaves expand, float, sometimes spin, and sink, in a pot, in a mug, in a glass, in a flask, .. for many years and for ever!

A few years ago, Gu worked as International Producer for a tea documentary series commissioned by China Central Television, on the episode that focuses on Britain and its role in the history of tea. Gu spent over four weeks filming up and down the country, from Twinning’s head office in Andover, to Betty’s Tea Room in Harrogate, then deep inside the Tregothnan estate, to the resurrected tea dance at Waldorf Hilton in Strand.  A cup of tea has become a little bit more special ever since...

That one day when we asked ourselves that classic question again: what we love, and we can do for a living that we won’t feel like working? An answer popped up, that we could do this.

After our fledgeling start in February 2018, the journey hasn’t been easy, thanks to patrons steer us along the way, so much has changed since the beginning, except that we still share a pot of loose leaf tea most of the nights.